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Dynamics NAV (Navision) Заметки про Dynamics NAV (ранее Navision) и аддон LS Retail

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Старый 27.06.2013, 14:58
apanko apanko вне форума
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Наткнулся на такую беседу (несколько вырвано из контекста):
  • Hi Arend Jan,
    In the US, NAV is targeted typically at a different type of customers. Most implementations I’ve been involved in the US had developers on site. Maybe this has something to do with the approach.
    Just a guess.
  • Hi Mark,
    Probably true, I also thought in that direction. But then I would argue that these are still developers in the first place and not users. The book explicitly calls users as the group it is written for.
    In the Netherlands we also know some customers who hire IT staff to develop their own solution. But such customer takes over the responsibility from their partner. I mean, resonsibility for support, bugfixing, maintenance and upgrade. If a customer chooses this model, then he should hire real educated developers, not users who have read a book.
Про разные модели внедрения (тренды):
В штатах часто внедряют своими силами.
В голландиях - партнерами.
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Старый 12.07.2013, 12:12
apanko apanko вне форума
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Кстати, про Штаты в 2014 финансовом году

  • MS has become really tight and very clear about AX/CRM being the
    vertical,large deal products and GP/NAV/SL being the volume products. This
    clarity is very good and makes our jobs a bit easier.
  • MS is taking volume very seriously. Room exists for GP\NAV\SL partners to
    create thriving business models, but its cloud, remote and volume not lifestyle.
    You have to grow your business.

The message hear is clear: if you want to be a lifestyle business, good on ya. But MS is going to deal with partners that want to grow. I think that’s pretty fair from their standpoint and is certainly consistent with the messaging they’ve been giving us for the last 5 years

Последний раз редактировалось apanko, 12.07.2013 в 13:40.
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